The CoreBridge Migration Process

What to expect during your migration to CoreBridge


The migration from your existing POS to CoreBridge will cover 4 -5 weeks of training and data migration. While the center manager is setting up the system and adjusting the parts and pricing the entire staff is completing on-line training and doing practice work in the system.

The process includes two data migrations, First your site is provisioned with the FASTSIGNS standard parts and pricing. This is the "Default Dataset". The parts and pricing will be adjusted to closely, but not exactly, match your existing system. Existing customers are moved into your new system to make working with the system easier. Just before you go live, all your practice work will be removed and customers will be updated.

The CoreBridge migration will include all your order history but does not include any open orders or estimates from your old system. Cloning orders from history requires that they are recreated in CoreBridge with the new pricing and parts. You will be able to access all of the information from the old orders.

The CoreBridge system is intuitive and easy to learn, many users need less time then we have allocated to be ready to use the system. The more practice you do during migration the easier the transition will be.

The Time Line

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